What is the Resilience Check In?

It is a process where you can review the way in which you are already resilient and identify new ways to become more resilient

Is this counselling or therapy?

No. This is a straightforward clarification of your personal skills and expertise in being resilient. Obviously we all learn how to cope and how to thrive through exposure to both positive and negative experiences. The Resilience Check In is not therapy and does not seek to provide medical counselling. It is closer to coaching or mentoring than therapy.

Is this for me? Or only for those in the helping or humanitarian professions?

The Resilience Check In is for anyone seeking to thrive. It is for anyone who faces changes in life and wishes to make the most of the opportunities for change.

Surely resilience is about coping and surviving? What do you mean by thriving?

Coping and surviving is obviously important. But life is so much more than just ‘getting through’. A life lived to the fullest extent is one that ‘thrives’. It is full of energy, passion, joy and depth. That is what resilience is all about.

I’m a front-line humanitarian. I work all the time in emergency and crisis contexts. Can this help me?

Certainly. I have 25 years experience in exactly those contexts, from Cambodia to Sudan, Chad to Palestine, Haiti to Nepal. I have the dust of those places in my heart. I don’t feel broken and I’m tired of diagnostic labels. I’ve learned a lot. Cried. Laughed a lot. Thrived. Please feel free to call.

I’m not sure I have much resilience. I feel at a loss. Where do I find resilience?

We all feel like that, often quite a lot of the time. That is what being human is all about. But most of that feeling is how we are today. When we take time to look back we will find that there were many times where we were both resilient and optimistic. Feeling at a loss may be more connected to the changes that are going on in your life right now. Your Resilience Profile may need to have a few more, different skills added in to meet the demands of this new context.

Surely I can do this myself. Why do I need this service?

I agree! Doing this yourself is a good idea. Many people find it helpful to do this with someone else in order to keep the process clear, and that the Resilience Profile covers all the skills and expertise you have developed over the course of a lifetime.

Is this a one-time only process?

It certainly can be. Some people check in to clarify what they already know and to check that they haven’t missed anything. Many people check in on an annual basis to review how they have thrived over the past year. Others know they are going into a different context, a new job, a new country, a new relationship, and want to review their Resilience Profile in order to be prepared. The Resilience Check In is as flexible as you need it to be.

Where is your office?

Nowhere or everywhere! The Resilience Check In is a web-based service, using the services of Skype to conduct the sessions. All that is required is a computer with a reasonably good internet connection, plus a Skype account.

So, where do you live?

Good question. I reside in Auckland, New Zealand. I travel extensively, however, so as long as I have internet access services are seamless.

Is this a global service?

Yes. Because this is a web based service you can do take advantage of the service from virtually anywhere. There may be time zone aspects we would need to plan around but most time zones can be accommodated.

Do you conduct office sessions?

This can be arranged but is significantly more expensive. Clients need to factor in travel costs, accommodation, and insurance. Fees for on-site work are negotiated as a single service contract on a daily basis. On-site services in Auckland, NZ, can be arranged with a simpler service contract.

How long does a session last?

This depends a little on what you require. Generally sessions work best at around 60 minutes but 90 minutes is not uncommon.

How many sessions do I need?

Again, this depends on what type of service you require. Please discuss these requirements with me.

What does the Resilience Check In cost?

Rates are based on hourly fees and are in USD. For longer services a service contract can be arranged. Please contact me to discuss the details.

How is payment conducted?

Payment is through PayPal and rates are in USD. For first time clients a deposit is required to secure an initial session.

What are the Organisational Services?

These are aimed at teams or organisations seeking to enhance the resilience of both team members and groups of employees. This could cover a whole organisation or a single group within an organisation.  Senior Management Teams are a speciality. Strategic Organisational Planning is a speciality. Check out the Team and Organisational page for more details.

Is the Resilience Check In suitable for a couple?

Why not? Couples have a set of shared and individual resilience skills and together couples work out strategies for getting the best out of life. Working together on enhancing these skills leads to creativity and enjoyment. Remember, this is not couple counselling or therapy. 

What is the Resilience Interview?

Thank you for asking! The world is full of experts about resilience. These experts are front line workers, academics, managers, young, old, researchers, poets, writers, of all cultures and contexts. Indeed the list is infinite. The Resilience Interview is a periodic opportunity to hear from these people. Some will be reporting on research findings, others talking about their own experiences, many with questions, and many with answers. The Resilience Interview allows interviewees to discuss resilience in any way they wish. Views expressed are, hopefully, contrasting and maybe at odds with others. The objective of the Resilience Interview is to create a discussion about resilience. It is expected that there will be disagreement at times. Perhaps you would like to be interviewed? Get in touch!

Tell me about the coaching services

Coaching is a very powerful process that has proved very effective in assisting people to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. My focus tends to be with senior managers and CEO’s, but anyone who is in challenging roles will benefit from coaching.

How is Coaching different to the Resilience Check In?

The Resilience Check In will focus on your individual Resilience Profile with the objective of identifying the strengths of your existing skills and areas you may wish to develop in future. While context is obviously an important part of the conversation the focus will always be on your Resilience Profile. Coaching is much broader and is directly connected to your present organisational role and the issues you are dealing with in that role. While resilience is always a factor in successful coaching the focus is on present day decision-making, strategic planning, leadership and organisational context. Some people find that the Resilience Check In leads to opting for coaching.

Can I have both Coaching and the Resilience Check In?

Of course! As long as you are OK with virtual Coaching. Many people, senior managers especially, prefer to have face-to-face coaching. There is absolutely no expectation that a decision to pursue coaching means that I must be your coach. Coaching is a personal relationship and you must be free to select the coach who is going to be fully able to assist you in your role. My objective is to help you make choices that will benefit you.