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by John Fawcett
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Someone wise once said that the cycle of life means things have to die to be reborn. While this is undoubtedly a theory that is intuitively acceptable, it is one of those ideas that sounds better when applied to others than to oneself. 

The temptation, when presented with such theories, is to focus on the new birth rather than the rather tawdry and painful 'old death'. Given what we know about death and decay, pain and suffering, this makes psychological sense. 

Thankfully, most of us do not have to die 'completely' in order to experience new growth. With a bit of good fortune and planning we can get by with a kind of hibernation or suspended animation as the 'new' gestates and pops forth. 

Learning how to thrive helps.

For others, of course, the so-called cycle of life can become a cycle of death, where there appears no end to trauma, suffering, oppression and pain. It is, perhaps, a sign of a failure of human leadership that in the second decade of this century the cycle of death seems to be more prevalent and, despairingly, even praised. Leaders can and do, perpetuate both cycles, as they will.

The loss of a valued colleague, friend or service provider is regretful and painful. Our counsellor retires, our doctor moves on, our coach shifts to another country.

Or, in the case of the highly regarded global service, InterHealth, the whole structure collapses over the course of a few painful weeks.

But here we have an example of how the cycle can work positively for everyone. InterHealth transforming into Thrive Worldwide. It demonstrates that when the heart or mission of people is to encourage and enable thriving there is always a new chapter, or a new page, or even a new look.

Thriving is possible when resilience is nurtured, protected, prepared and encouraged. Paying attention to resilience pays huge dividends.

InterHealth was made up of a collection of excellent people with very good ideas providing high quality services to individuals and organisations globally. That collection of good people with good ideas and the motivation, energy and expertise to act on these is still very much alive. And kicking.

The re-birth, if you like, is found in the organisation "Thrive Worldwide" - taking the very best ideas from the previous format, building on the inherent capacity of human beings to thrive, not merely survive and re-purposing the organisation for todays world. 

Thrive has a way to go yet, but it is without doubt going there. I encourage you to check out the Thrive website and their services.

Because, life without thriving is not really life at all.


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