Two+ Minutes Resilience

"Two+ Minutes Resilience", with Cynthia Eriksson

by John Fawcett
Two+ Minutes of Resilience with Cynthia Eriksson

Dr Eriksson discusses how understandings of resilience have changed over the years, moving from ideas of retaining some kind of ideal shape to the present un...

This 2+ Minutes episode features Dr Cynthia Eriksson, Associate Professor of Psychology at Fuller Seminary, California. Cynthia explains how we have moved from relatively simplistic understandings of resilience to more flexible and essentially hopeful constructs. Dr Eriksson talks of the central place that Contemplative Practices play in her own life, and the important role that gratitude, joy and sharing play in ensuring resilience.

For more in-depth discussions please check out the longer interview with Dr Eriksson. You will find this in the Resilience Interview section.

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