Team and Organisational Services

Organisational services cover:

  • Resilience Training and Workshops
  • Staff Support Capacity Building
  • Strategy review and development
  • Operational Planning
  • Program mentoring and coaching
  • Team Building and Team Coaching

I have considerable experience in team building and enhancement within organisational contexts. Much of this has focussed on Team Resilience in highly stressful and challenging contexts. The principles of Team Resilience are the same whether in a war zone or a commercial enterprise in calm contexts.

The research has conclusively shown that Social Support is significant in both protecting team members from work-related ‘harm’ and enhancing productivity and effectively meeting and exceeding corporate objectives.

Social Support enhances individual and team resilience.

How resilient is your team? Does your team roll with the pressure, bounce back after the storm? Does your team enjoy what it does? Is your team, and your organisation, thriving? Or is it merely ‘getting through’?   

Like individuals, teams have a Resilience Profile©. This profile is made up of all the skills and expertise of each individual member. The profile is the summary of success. It is the foundation of every moment of exhilaration and achievement your team has experienced. 

Do you know what your Team Resilience Profile is and how it can be enhanced to improve morale, loyalty and operational success?

Organisational and Group Services are generally provided on-site and tailor made for each client. 

Because the nature of organisational Resilience enhancement is more complex than the individual Resilience Check In© it is essential to allow sufficient lead-time to effectively plan and deliver these services. As services can be provided globally strategic planning comprises a significant component of organisational and team services. 

To discuss Organisational and Team services please contact me