What is it?

The Resilience Check In© is a structured one-on-one, confidential, conversation about your resilience.

 The Resilience Check In:

  • will give you to gain a clear picture of your present Resilience Profile©; the skills and expertise you already have. (see link below for more details)
  • will help you identify how your profile has changed over the years.
  • will open new avenues for you to develop new skills, to expand your resilience profile
  • will enable you to thrive, not merely survive

The Resilience Check In is based on the premise that “most people cope with most things most of the time”. It is based on the belief that when facing complex contexts or major challenges most people do not need mental health professionals to treat them. What you need is a well-established set of skills and expertise to handle what life is throwing at you.

We believe that resilience is about thriving, not merely surviving. It is about taking what is thrown at us and coming out better, stronger and more creative.

What we know is that most of us already have the ability to roll with the waves, bend in the wind and cope with pressure. At least, most of the time.

But times change, life changes, our context changes. If we move house, move city, move country we have to adapt. In our lives people come and go, sometimes in joy, in other times in sadness or pain. When disaster strikes, or when we volunteer to help where disaster has occurred, pressure increases and we can feel uncertain, uneasy and tossed about by things beyond our control.

But this doesn’t mean that we need a mental health expert to guide us, or a mental health diagnosis to label us, or a treatment plan to make us ‘better’.

What we need are the skills and expertise to help us to thrive.

Is this for me?

Or only for those in the helping or humanitarian professions?

The Resilience Check In is for anyone seeking to thrive. For anyone who faces changes in life and wishes to make the most of the opportunities for change.

The Resilience Check In© works like this;

 All sessions are individual consultations with me. There are a variety of types of consultations available.

 1. Single session. This is a consultation that focus’s on describing your present Resilience Profile. Some people only need this one session. Equipped with clarity about their profile these people have met their primary objective. As this is not counselling or therapy there may be no need to have a series of sessions or explore ‘issues’.

 2. Multiple sessions. This is a series of sessions aimed at achieving three objectives.

  • An understanding of your present Resilience Profile
  • An understanding of how your Resilience Profile has changed and developed over the past
  • Identification of necessary changes and enhancements to your Resilience Profile to enable you to thrive in changed or brand new circumstances

 3. Review sessions. Everyone is familiar with the idea of regular check ups whether for mechanical devices or our health. A review session is for repeat clients who wish to take time to understand how their Resilience Profile has grown and expanded as a result of recent experiences.

 4. Tailor made services. Sometimes teams or groups of people find it useful to understand their own and each other’s Resilience Profile. We know that social support is one of the most effective protective factors in protecting us from harm. Working as a member of a team can be both supportive and challenging. Having an understanding of each other’s Resilience Profile can be very helpful in meeting team objectives and enhancing thriving.  (See the Organisational Services page for more details on group services)

How is the Resilience Check In© conducted?

The wonderful thing about this service is that it is available to any person, anywhere in the world, who has access to a computer and a reasonably good internet connection. All sessions are conducted by Skype or similar services. Most time zones can be accommodated.

 As this is a virtual service costs can be manageable for individuals and organisations.

 For on-site services please contact me for details.

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