A Unique Resilience Profile

How do you maintain your resilience? How do thrive? It’s all due to your Resilience Profile©.  

Everybody has a unique Resilience Profile – a set of core skills and expertise that provides protection against the everyday pressures of life. As these pressures increase, decrease or change, we use the skills in our Resilience Profile to learn new ways of coping.  We adapt, we learn, we practice, we grow.

This profile is not set in stone. It is adaptable, changeable and open to growth. Yes, it is also open to damage and we have to be careful to look after our resilience abilities. But most of all our Resilience Profile provides the basis for our thriving.

Research evidence shows that responders such as paramedics, police, nurses, social workers, fire personnel, humanitarian workers and medical staff generally have well-developed Resilience Profiles, most often protecting them from the most significant impacts of psychological trauma and stress.

Physical exercise improves our physical strength, resilience exercise improves the effectiveness of our Resilience Profile.

Your Resilience Profile© consists of 7 main attributes. Together these attributes form your Resilience Toolkit©. The combination of these attributes is the measure of your ability to thrive. Research has shown that these 7 attributes are essential to protecting us from harm but, more importantly, adding to our enjoyment and satisfaction with life.

The Seven Attributes of Resilience© are; 

  • Relationships - The inter-connected nature of your social network
  • Adaptability - Experience of adapting to change in the past
  • Faith - The strength of your faith in a positive future
  • Exposure - Previous exposure to significantly traumatic events
  • Toxicity levels - The nature of your present working or living environment – is it toxic or supportive
  • Physical Health – How your present health enhances thriving
  • Joy – Aspects of life that give you joy 

Resilience is about passion, joy, exuberance, creativity and energy. The purpose of resilience is to thrive, not merely to survive

There is common tendency to think of a resilient individual as one who can ‘bounce back’ or who can ‘bend in the wind but not break’.  While such resilience provides the foundation for getting through, a fully resilient person will not just bounce but jump higher and shout with joy, not just bend in the wind but spread their wings and fly, capturing all the energy of the storm to ride the updrafts, curve around the clouds and land, breathless but energised, on the other side.

Today is a very good day to review your Resilience Tool Kit. Let’s talk about how you can continue to thrive. Bookings are available.


The Resilience Check In is a three-part process based on your Resilience Profile

  1. Identify your unique Resilience Profile – to identify the skills and expertise you have developed over the years
  2. Identify any gaps in your Resilience Toolkit and develop a strategy to enhance your resilience skills
  3. Further develop your ability to thrive in new and challenging contexts