The Resilience Interview with Carole Adamson

by John Fawcett
The Resilience Interview with Carole Adamson

Resilience will be defined according to context. It is going to look different and will be recognised differently in different contexts. Dr Carole Adamson is...

"One of the most interesting things about resilience is how people try to define it. My definition is contextual, relational and, therefore, fluid. It is going to look different, and will be recognised differently, in different contexts"

Dr Carol Adamson

Carole is Senior Lecturer in Counselling, Human Services and Social Work at the School of Social Work Education, the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Living and working in a strong multi-cultural context Carole maintains a fluid but structured perspective on concepts of mental health, human psychology and clinical diagnosis. Her work in this area is highly regarded across New Zealand and globally.

I have known Carole for many years and have watched how she has successfully navigated the shifting tides of cultural and multi-cultural discussion with respect and intellectual rigour. Anyone who has an interest in these aspects of resilience and mental health should talk with Carole.

Carole can be found at the University of Auckland at;


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