The Resilience Interview with Graham Fawcett

by John Fawcett
The Resilience Interview with Graham Fawcett

"The concept of resilience has become so overused we've lost the plot on what it means. To me resilience is a helpful way of thinking about how the average human being is able to do well in the midst of extreme stress. There's an awful lot of money to be made from the idea that we have to rescue people from their nasty situations."

Graham Fawcett

Graham Fawcett (no relation) is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. He has published extensively on the topic of psycho-social support of humanitarian aid workers, and has designed and delivered resilience programs in some of the most challenging places in the world.

Graham is a practitioner, academic, researcher and strategic thinker. I have worked with Graham over the past 15 years on the development of strategic and practical processes to enhance resilience in complex and dangerous contexts. 

Graham is not afraid to consider spirituality as a necessary component of resilience. How we describe the events of our lives, and where we ascribe meaning and purpose, will influence the state of our resilience. Paying attention to how we manage is an essential part of successful resilience behaviour. 

Graham can be found at LinkedIn at the following address

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