The Resilience Interview with John Ehrenreich

by John Fawcett
The Resilience Interview with John Ehrenreich

"The term resilience has a postive ring to it. But over the years I have become more sceptical. There is also a dark side to resilience and no one talks abou...

" Resilience is funny term. In common usage it has a very positive ring. But over the course of the years I have become more sceptical. There is also a dark side to resilience and nobody talks about the dark side"

John Ehrenreich

John is Professor of Psychology at SUNY in New York and the author of "The Humanitarian Companion" and, most recently, "Third Wave Capitalism: How Money, Power and the Pursuit of Self-Interest have Impeded the American Dream"

John has extensive international experience as a clinical psychologist and consultant trainer for Humanitarian Organisations. He is regarded as a global expert in assisting organisations build resilient contexts and prevent psychological damage.

John is an expert in issues related to managing stress for staff of humanitarian agencies and sustaining the humanitarian workforce. Experience includes consulting to international and national NGOS in Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Turkey, as well as the U.S.; training workshops for NGO staff and managers; and preparation of training manuals and other materials.

I've known John for many years, and worked alongside him as we developed better ways of supporting people working in very complex and challenging contexts. What I learned was that John is much more than an expert in humanitarian psychology, he is one of the wise people of America. His understanding and analysis of the processes driving modern America, and how the world has got to where it is, demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of political, social and economics that is immensely valuable. 

Make sure to check out all that John has published. It is a wealth of insight and wisdom.

John can be found at

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